Friday, January 10, 2014

Palette A Week Challenge: Week 1

This week I decided to use my Too Faved Joy to the Girls palette. This is relatively new and was released for Holiday 2013. It is limited edition, but it is still available on as of today.

This is a lovely palette with adorable packaging, but...I'm a bit underwhelmed by it. It was hard to come up with different looks for each day (that would be why I cheated and didn't use it today). 
I do like it and will use it again, but most likely in conjunction with another palette for variety!

Here are the combos I tried...

I used Cookie Dough (top) in the crease and to blend out, Mulberry (middle shade) on the lid, and Chestnut (bottom) to line and smudge under the lower lashes.

Cookie Dough (top) all over the lid and blended into the crease. Cheers (middle) to highlight the center of the lid. Coal (bottom) to line.

Cookie Dough (top) in the crease. Spike the Punch (middle) on the lid. Chimney (bottom) to line. 

Cookie Dough (top) to blend out. Too Too (2nd) on the inner half of the lid. Chimney (3rd) on the outer half and into the crease. Coal to line. 

This palette isn't the most versatile, but there are some great colors. Cookie Dough is great for natural looks and blending. Chimney is gorgeous, so is Twinkle. I look forward to playing with it again!

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