Monday, December 9, 2013

Make Out 2014: Prep

This coming year is the year I have decided to slim down my makeup collection. I have entirely too much for just one person to use and I need to cut back my spending in the cosmetic arena. Priorities need to be re-evaluated (in general and with what I really want from my cosmetic collection). 

Makeup has been something of a hobby for me, especially since I became a stay at home mom. I needed something just for me and makeup became that thing. Since my son was born, things have grown a bit crazy in my collection. It takes up too much space. 

So, I decided to do a Make Out Project in 2014. I will set some guidelines for myself and hopefully I'll stick to them!

Rule 1: Only 2 new eyeshadow palette purchases for the entirety of 2014.
***EDIT: I am not going to limit myself to 2 palettes, but will keep my total for the year to 12 products. Any palettes will count towards this.***

Rule 2: Only 3 new eyeshadow single/duos for 2014 and no new cream formulas for 2014.

Rule 3: Only 4 new lipstick/lipglosses for 2014.

Rule 4: No new mascaras until I've used up 2 (or 3 minis).

Rule 5: No new eyeliners until I've used up 3.

Rule 6: No new foundations until I've used up all that I currently have open.

So, that leaves me with 9 allowed purchases for 2014. I will allow 3 discretionary purchases for things that may come up (weddings, events, etc). I'm not counting foundation since I don't see myself using up what I have now, but if I do completely run out I will purchase one new foundation. I am not counting gifts against these numbers (mainly because few people purchase it for me). I will also be allowed to use any gift cards that I receive. 

I think these are fair, reasonable rules and that I should be able to stick to them. I am allowing a total of 12 purchases, so I could make 1 per month if I need too. I didn't include skin care or hair care since I don't really horde those things. Over the next couple if weeks, I will be posting my makeup collection (in categories) and doing a real, honest count of what I have in my collection. Frankly, I'm a little afraid of the numbers, but I think it's necessary to really see where my collection sits. 

If you are going to do something similar, let me know! I'd love to follow your journey!

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