Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sample Stash: What I've Used Up #1

Like most makeup lovers, I've managed to build up a ton of sample products. Skincare...haircare...deluxe size makeup samples... It was a bit out of control and I was hoarding them for no reason. I decided to break them out and *gasp* actually try some new things!

So, here's a look at what I've used and some quick thoughts on each item. 

First up are the moisturizer samples I've used. There is a Perricone Photo Plasma sample, an Ole Henrickson Sheer Transformation, a Boscia sample, a Fresh Lotus moisturizer, and calming lotion from Ren. All I can really say (since each pack lasts only a couple days) is that none of them broke me out or caused any weird reaction. I liked the Ole Henrickson and Boscia ones the best and would consider purchasing them in the future.

This was a small pack of makeup remover wipes from Trader Joe's. They really irritated my skin and I used them to remove swatches. I would definitely not purchase again. 

Here is the one mask I managed to use; the Bright White mask from Boscia. It's a peel off mask and did make my skin feel quite soft. I'm undecided if I would purchase since you can find really good masks at the drugstore.

Here are the serums I used up. There is one from Origins, one from Dior, a Clarins, and a Clinique. I liked all but the Clinique one since it stung a bit when I used it. The Clarins one was probably my favorite? I would consider purchasing if I managed to find a deal (like the serum included in a set). 

Body care items: a Tokyomilk/Dark lotion sample, a Tocca lotion in Cleopatra, a Philosophy hand cream in Snow Angel, and a L'Occitane Amande shower oil. The two small lotion samples were nice, but nothing super special. I loved the hand cream, but it was limited edition last holiday season (although they do have a body wash and lotion set in this scent that I will be getting). I really liked the shower oil since my skin is so dry this time of year and may be purchasing after I use up some other things.

Last (and perhaps least exciting), I used a few shampoo/conditioner samples. The Bumble and Bumble smelled lovely, but isn't moisturizing enough for mr. The Garnier was TOO moisturizing and left my hair looking and feeling oily. 

So, that's what I've used in the last couple of weeks!  

Thanks for reading!

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