Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Perfect Palette Tag! (From YouTube)

I've seen numerous videos on the Perfect Palette Tag on YouTube (started by iluvfaces1042) and thought it would be lots of fun to do here on the blog. There are 8 questions regarding different aspects of palettes that you find appealing leading up to your "desert island" palette. 

So...here we go!

1) Best Packaging: For this I picked my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. Yes, it's bulky. It takes up a fair amount of space, but it looks somgoodnsittimg out on my dresser! 

2) Best Color Payoff: I'm giving this to the Lorac Pro palette. The matte shades apply wonderfully and the shimmers are excellent. 

3) Most Versatile: This goes to my Urban Decay Naked2 palette. I can use it form easy, everyday looks or for a vampy night out eye. I'm really looking forward to the Naked3...the colors look right up my alley!

4) Best For Traveling: Tarte Aqualillies wins this hands down! It has 6 lovely eye shades (2 matte), a blush, a bronzed, and a highlight. You basically have all your color products in one spot. It's compact and sturdy and contains a good size mirror. 

5) Biggest Regret: this goes to my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. It's a great little palette, but I have other matte palettes with a wider shade selection.

6) Best Color Names: The Too Faced Pretty Rebel wins again! Names like Jailbird, Instigator, Badass... It's too cute and fitting of the aesthetic this palette has. 

7) Least Used: Sadly, it's my Tarte palette from the Carried Away gift set that was released last holiday season. I love Tarte eye shadows and these are truly lovely, but for some reason I just don't reach for it.
**i totally spaced on swatchimg these shades**

8) Most Loved or "Desert Island" Palette: This one is really hard...but I'm taking my Vice2 here. It's got a row of great neutrals and a ton of fun colors. Hey, if I'm stranded on a desert island, I'm going to have lots of time to experiment with different things! 

Here are my other palettes that didn't make the list... 

Kat Von D Ladybird palette: a selection of nice, warmer matte shades

The Too Faces Matte Eye Collection: another excellent all matte palette

I also have a Z Palette and 6 MAC palettes full of de-potted shadows, a lot of which came from palettes. I will do a post on those at another time! 

I'd love to see some other bloggers do this tag!

Thanks for reading!

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